Welcome To My Blog!

Hello Everyone! Thanks for droppping by and welcome to my blog! First things first, a little note about me. I’m Mark Merchant and I’ve been a certified pest control expert for a little over two decades. I started out as a pest control technician in my local exterminator company and worked my way up to be a Regional Manager.

In those 20 odd years, I have had experience with almost every pest imaginable from your usual cockroaches and rats to foxes and birds. With my vast knowledge garnered throughout the years, I want to share what I know with you and hopefully it will be able to help you get rid of your pest problems.

The most important thing I discovered is that nearly every pest problem can be solved if you eliminate it whilst it is still small. For example, if you find one or two cockroaches running around your house, immediately invest in some cockroach poison aimed at eradicating the entire cockroach colony. The longer you wait, the larger the colony gets. The simple cockroach gel may not work anymore. You may now need to contact the professionals and this would cost more money and time.

It is therefore my goal to keep you updated with the best and latest advice when it comes to pest control. Together, we can make our homes a better place to live in.